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PERIPHERIE – Institution for practice-oriented gender research



Multipliers as contact to find new ways for learning-cooperation strategies to reach the target-group

referent: Kapeller/ Stiftinger

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Form of further education: free booking and inhouse seminars

Further education is certificated

Target group: adult educators, trainers, educational lines



learn forever


PERIPHERIE is from the beginning a part of the leading group and participate in the implementation of offers to further education: http://learnforever.at/know-how




Gender Budgeting


-          Regular supply in the Verwaltungsakademie (administrative school)(Kapeller/Pschaid)

-          Once a quarter there is a workshop for one or two days – open to the public

-          Coaching for organizational units / offices in the context of a gender training process (Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Budgeting) e. g: Graz, Kapfenberg,

-          Meetings and workshops on Gender Budgeting, see archive: www.peripherie.ac.at


Gender Mainstreaming (Lehrgang)


Regular supply

Start: november 2013


-          „The use of gender-sensitive data“ – see archive: www.peripherie.ac.at

-          „Course to the implementation and coordination of Gender Mainstreaming“ (1,5 years)

5 Module:



    Gender-sensitive statistics and methods

    Gender Budgeting

    Practical examples of application



Gender & Data – gender-sensitive statistics www.peripherie.ac.at


Up to date instead of passively – An introduction in the gender-sensitive research, interpretation and representation of data www.peripherie.ac.at


Gender Scanning Workshops www.peripherie.ac.at



Self-evaluationtools for adult education


-          Transfer learn forever – autumn 2013 (www.learnforever.at) - Inhouse

-          Pilotierung learn forever – autumn 2013 (www.learnforever.at) - Inhouse



Social science expertise in adult education and social work


Referent: Mag.a Dr.in Doris Kapeller

Date: 12.11.2013, 15:00-18:00

Place: Friedrichgasse 3/II, 8010 Graz

Costs: 100,-

Registration under: peripherie@peripherie.ac.at


Target group: The seminar refers to people who work in the area of adult education or social work and who wants to extend their knowledge concerning methods and applications in social sciences.


The seminar takes place every half a year.



Women employed under their qualification


Referent: Alexandra Hofer, MA

Date: October 2013

Place: NOWA, Jakominiplatz 16, second floor, 8010 Graz

Registration under: peripherie@peripherie.ac.at


Target group: woman who are employed under their qualification



migration – qualification

lectures – workshops – Knowledge Cafes – panel discussion


referents: Christian Fleck, Heinz Fassmann, Doris Kapeller,

moderation: Petra Wlasak


Date:  26.9.2013, 9:00 – 19:00

Registration under: peripherie@peripherie.ac.at

Place: City Hall of Graz

Costs: 50,-


Annual public conference:

Expert lectures with workshop afterwards to recent issues from current work with the aim of distribution of research results and interdisciplinary exchange


Cooperation partners and supporters: Department of integration of the city of Graz, Austrian Society for Political Education, Independent women’s representative of the city of Graz.



NEW since 2014:


Workshops to the development and implementation of Gender-Mainstreaming and Diversity-Management for municipalities


Workshops are addressed to organizational units and employees of municipalities, who participates in the project „Gender Mainstreaming and Integration/Diversity in municipalities.

Further information under: peripherie@peripherie.ac.at


Further educational offers, where PERIPHERIE takes part in the conception and evaluation:


Project EmMi:

  • Workshops and self-aid groups for migrants, (open to the public) for the empowerment of migrants to strengthen their mental health
  • Workshops and exchangemeetings for experts  in the area of adult education and health to support the cultural sensibility of providers of healthsupporting and preventive services