The Institute of Practice-Oriented Gender Research


PERIPHERIE has been set up in 2000 by an academic research team from various disciplines, such as social sciences, economics, educational and cultural studies.


Our expertise relies on the gender perspective that we apply in a wide research field in the areas of education and employment, gender budgeting, gender mainstreaming as well as migration and health. Our research takes an interdisciplinary and practice-oriented approach, and the results of our studies are implemented in our further training, counselling, and coaching services.


Mission Statement

PERIPHERIE aims to initiate processes of change which will lead to equal opportunities and equality of women and men in all areas of society. Being an interdisciplinary team of female researchers, our focus is on a gender perspective. Our main areas in regard to research, education, coaching and advice are gender mainstreaming, the labour market and social policies, education, migration and integration, and health. We constantly aim for an interconnection of scientific research and social practice.


The German version of our complete mission statement can be found here.


Lerner-oriented Quality Certification in Continuing Education



LQW was developed, tested and evaluated by ArtSet Forschung, Bildung, Beratung GmbH in collaboration with other organisations. Since then, ArtSet Qualitätstestierung GmbH conducts quality certifications.


The LQW-modell is strongly shaped by the developing consultancy. The main aim is to consider and appreciate diversities in and individual approaches to adult learning. Quality of learning is not a product that could be produced by an institution. Learning is not be caused or commanded. Learning is a person’s individual process of acquiring and processing information. An educational institution is only able to frame and control the context in which learning takes place. The management follows the concept of quality certification and is in that consistantly guided by the client’s successful learning.