Gender-Mainstreaming & Gender-Budgeting



Gender mainstreaming is a strategy used in the implementation of equal opportunities for women and men at all societal and institutional levels.

Gender Budgeting is a method for the implementation of gender-neutral budgetary policy.


PERIPHERIE transposes the general criteria of the Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Budgeting concepts

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for organisations and corporations into concrete problems and implementation designs, and also accompanies the implementation of measures.


A modular offer for education and implementation on the basis of the Gender Mainstreaming framework by PERIPHERIE renders clients wide-ranging assistance for carrying out the GM and GB strategies.  


One goal of PERIPHERIE’s Gender Mainstreamig and Budgeting concept is to conduct a comprehensive gender analysis. As a first step in the implementation process of Gender Mainstreaming, gender analysis involves an understanding of gender (social sex) and requires thorough theoretical and practical knowledge about gender relations. Therefore, our concept involves different levels of institutions and ranges from the individual to the institutional and structural framework to ensure a complete analysis and with it an adequate implementation of the Gender Mainstreaming and Budgeting concepts.


For the process of implementation, PERIPHERIE offers the following services:

*       Sensitisation and basics of Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Budgeting

*       Survey and gender check

*       Establishment of gender-neutral goals

*       Analysis

*       Development of options

*       Implementation

*       Processual Evaluation and feedback


A summary of our services in regard to Gender Mainstreaming can be found here shortly.


A thorough description of the framework and background information can be found here shortly.


For customized services and costs, please send your enquiry to:

Mag.a Doris Kapeller

Phone: ++43-316-817342-13