LQW  |  Ö-Cert

Learn-oriented Quality Certification for Further Education Organizations




PERIPHERIE is glad to

have the LQW-Certification

since 2012!



The LQW has been developed, approved and evaluated from ArtSet Forschung, Bildung, Beratung GmbH and other organizations. The quality certification has been guided under license from ArtSet Forschung, Bildung, Beratung GmbH.


The LQW-Modell is influenced by the evolving consulting firm. The aim is to consider the peculiarities of the way the human learns. The quality of learning is not a product which is produced by a facility. Learning is not effected or available it is about an individual process of acquirement and converting of the person. The institution of education has the ability to design and control the context of learning. This contextual control of educational process is based on the concept of quality testing throughout the successful learning of the addresses.



With the LQW-Certification we have submitted the Ö-Cert and the application procedure is still in process.





You can find our current statues here.



General Terms and Conditions (GTC)


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The annual member contributions are listed below:


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