Institute for practical gender research


PERIPHERIE is carried by a team consisting of members from different disciplines, like social-, economical-, educational- and cultural science. Our expertise is rooted in the gender-perspective, which we apply practically as an educational- und research institution for the areas of labor market and education, Gender Budgeting, Gender Mainstreaming, migration as well as health. We work in an interdisciplinary and practical surrounding, and we let each other reciprocally incorporate our findings from practice and research to develop further education, consulting and coaching services.


Our mission statement


Our identity and our task

Peripherie, institute for practical Gender research, is an independent and voluntary organization, which was founded in 2000 as a non-university adult- und research institute. As interdisciplinary team we emphasize the gender aspect in our work.

We strive to entanglement of scientific research and social practice in adult education. Our main topics in research, education, coaching and consulting are gender mainstreaming, labor market and social policy, education, migration / integration and health.

Our values

Gender-perspective: Social conditions and current developments are considered from a gender-specific perspective. It is important for us, to enter into the diversity of society through the inclusion of diversity criteria. This perspective is reflected in all adult education, research and practice areas of PERIPHERIE, to support actively the equality and opportunities for women and men.

Practical orientation: Social science research should look beyond the pure analysis of conditions and will create different target groups in close connection to practical relevant needs. The results will be communicated to affected people in form of offers in further education. This feedback is important for us. Further we aim, on the basis of our work, structurally changes in the landscape of adult education and politics.

Interdisciplinarity: This is a necessary requirement to analyse problematic areas from different point of views and to work out and to implement offers, in which diverse ideas and solutions is given space. This principle is realized by the team of PERIPHERIE.

Variety of methods: Depending on the question and in consultation with our customers, we work with different didactical and empirical methods. These range from the development of offers in adult education, strategies to reach the target group (especially educationally disadvantages persons), offers in further education in form of coaching, consultation, customized workshops and lectures, conveying Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Budgeting in practice as well as in theory, to evaluations, needs assessment and analysis, monitoring and action research to (semi) standardized surveys and statistical analysis.


Our clientele, whose conditions are investigated by PERIPHERIE, consists of educationally disadvantaged persons, migrants, adult educators, multipliers, public institutions at EU-, federal, state and municipal level, interest groups, companies, NGOs, in equality interested persons and groups.

General corporate objective

We aim to initiate change processes, which lead to equality between men and women in all areas of society. We demonstrate structural disadvantages and contribute to changes by developing, implementing and accompanying innovative projects in adult education and (adult education) research.


We are experts for practical gender research and gender education. We rely on many years of experience and a consistent development of our property and methodological knowledge. PERIPHERIE is, as an established partner in gender research and - (adult) education, a leading partner in specialized debates and methodical innovation. Cooperation and networking offer a possibility to spread and discuss generated Know-How as well as getting more expertise. We see us as a vibrant, learning organization, which is changing all the time. Due to our flexibility we are innovative and decisive.