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The orders to conduct evaluations received by PERIPHERIE - The Institute of Practice-Oriented Gender Research have increased regularly over the past years. Our work centres in (continuing) educational offers as well as in the field of labour market policy. In addition, PERIPHERIE offers guidance for organisations that would like to conduct self-evaluations; this includes the composition of evaluation concepts, compilation of surveys and guidelines and analysis of results.


For evaluations, we adhere to the following guidelines: 

*       PERIPHERIE prefers an accompanying approach (formative evaluation). Therefore, surveys are not only conducted when a project / qualifying measure is already completed, but already during the implementation. In this way, amendments can be made at an early stage of the project and consequences can be immediately noticed.

*       PERIPHERIE believes it to be essential to work in close collaboration with its customers and the institutions/organisations to be evaluated.  This ranges from specifying the evaluation goals to setting the research method and indicators. Following each step and at the end of the evaluation lies an extensive feedback loop in which the evaluating and evaluated discuss the results and possible amendment measures.


We work with a range of different methods which we specifically combine. Besides quantitative data, like standardised questionnaires, qualitative research has been proven very useful in the past. Open questions in surveys or semi-structured, qualitative interviews turn out to be beneficial to determine facts and connections which would otherwise remain invisible using quantitative research methods. On the other hand, quantitative measures can compensate for distortive influences of the interviewers.  


*       We carry out entire evaluations or offer support and guidance for the implementation of your own evaluation process.


If you are interested, please contact us for prices and duration:

Mag.a Dr.in Doris Kapeller


Tel: ++43-316-817342-13