Gender Studies


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PERIPHERIE relies on interdisciplinary and practice-oriented research. This is why we apply the results of our research into practice on one hand, and focus on developing new research questions and models based on our experience, on the other hand. We offer the planning, design, and implementation of practice-related projects, the development of implementation designs, as well as assistance with accompanying measures.

Our services range from evaluations, the writing of data handbooks and accompanying research to the analysis of needs, of acceptance and effectiveness of measures, as well as other studies on up-to-date topics. The feedback on our activity is very important for us. This means that the research results are always communicated to the concerned parties, and the recommendations for improvement are discussed and elaborated together. Our aim is to recognise and analyse social change, and put our research results to practical use. All our work is done with a focus on gender equality.


Thereby, the range of socio-politically relevant and contemporary topics derives from the potential and expertise of our interdisciplinary research team. Current research areas include Adult Education, Migration and Integration, Labour Market and Social Policy, Health and Well-being, Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Budgeting.


Through the work of PERIPHERIE:

*       current issues are identified and addressed

*       research models are designed and implemented

*       the findings are put into practice

*       training and coaching concepts are developed

*       the approach for our consulting, coaching and training services is implemented on the basis of scientific knowledge

*       structural changes are encouraged and implemented

*       sustainable strategies are being developed

*       new research questions based on practice (implementation of projects, training, coaching & counseling, networking, social practice) are being developed.



If you like to make use of our offers, please contact:

Mag.a Doris Kapeller

Tel: ++43-660-73 16 200