Labour Market and Social Policy



In most industrialised countries, the job market and social policy are based on the male breadwinner-model. Against this backdrop, PERIPHERIE investigates and analyses gender-specific contexts.



Current Projects:


Learn forever IV– Dequalification


Women are more frequently affected by “dequalification” – the downgrading of jobs - whether they are Austrians or not. The term dequalification describes an occupation which requires less educational attainment than was acquired.


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Closed Projects:




The POP UP GEM project aims to promote equality

between women and men in the labor market and reduce gender gaps. Peripherie edited the concept of gender mainstreaming for this purpose in order to make it more practical, understandable and easily applicable for institutions from the areas of politics, administration and the labor market. The main work packages: Data Handbook, data coaching, planning tool, gender budgeting, monitoring and evaluation.

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EQUAL: In cooperation with Joanneum Research, data was raised on the labor market segregation in a research module

which served as the basis for the development of options in the area of ​​gender mainstreaming in the region of Styria. Secondary statistics were evaluated and there were conducted regional case studies.

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Report on the women’s situation


The first report on women in Styria aims to present the current situation of women and girls in our region.

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Project Göttingen


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Equal Pay


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Towards a Closing of the Gender Pay Gap


Was a European project focused on the income differences between women and men.The project was supported through the 5th Framework Programme for Equal Opportunities (2001 - 2005) funded by the European Commission and by national authorities. Besides Austria, Norway (coordination), Iceland, Denmark, England and Greece were part of this project. More information can be accessed at The project was completed at the end of 2002.

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