Institute for practical gender research


Programmes and services


PERIPHERIE relies on interdisciplinary and practice-oriented research. We offer the planning, design, and implementation of practice-related projects, the development of implementation designs, as well as assistance with accompanying measures. Our services range from evaluations, the writing of data handbooks and accompanying research to the analysis of needs, of acceptance and effectiveness of measures. Accompanying and counseling measures include:


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      design, organisation, and implementation of symposia, conferences, seminars, and workshops

      further education, counseling and coaching

      design of measures based on research results


Main topics


The wide array of socio-politically relevant and up-to-date topics covered by PERIPHERIE stems from the potential and expertise of our interdisciplinary research team. Our researchers cover the following topics among others:


Gender mainstreaming

Gender mainstreaming is a strategy used in the implementation of equal opportunities for women and men at all societal and institutional levels. PERIPHERIE transposes the general criteria of the GM concept for organisations and corporations into concrete problems and implementation designs, and also accompanies the implementation of measures.

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Job market and social policy

In most industrialised countries, the job market and social policy are based on the male breadwinner-model. Against this backdrop, PERIPHERIE investigates and analyses gender-specific contexts.

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PERIPHERIE does educational research and implements the results in both adult and further education programmes. PERIPHERIE offers knowledge transfer by communicating major findings of gender studies.

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In European societies, the question of how to integrate people with a migration background into the host society and which rights to grant them, has become increasingly important. Research and education in the field of migration have turned out to be highly relevant, if not a major necessity. Read more in German



The distribution and rise of health and ill-health are closely associated to societal and social conditions. Gender-specific findings enable a positive development of the health system.

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