PERIPHERIE is part of the union of the autonomous women's organizations of Graz.

Thekla - a regional network of women's and girls' projects - uncovers the discrimination of women to all levels with the aim to permanently eliminate it. Thekla wants to represent the needs of their clients by advocating for political actors to develop other strategies for the long-term security of those institutions that are part of Thekla.


The focus of Thekla is to represent all the girls and women in all areas of daily life situations considering their diversity, to make their needs and interests more visible to the public, to stimulate them socially, legally, psychologically, physically and through education and to make them stronger and therefore to consolidate their socio-political situation.


Information on the initiative can be found here.

The women's organizations represented at Thekla are characterized by:



    charitable status


    work by woman for woman


The members of these network are:


    Danaida - education and meeting place for foreign women

    Docu Graz - Woman Documentation, Research and Education Center

    Women's Health Center

    Frauenhaus Graz

    Frauenservice Graz


    TARA - counseling, therapy and prevention of sexual violence

    PERIPHERIE - Institute for practical Gender Research